Monday, November 30, 2015

Fact: The more moral, patrotic, or righteous someone claims to be is directly proportional to how immoral, self serving, or ignorant they actually are. Anyone who truly lives any of these paths would never broadcast it. True virtue requires no advertisement.

Friday, November 13, 2015

America is like the 50 year old man that will drive for hours with his family in the car claiming he isn't lost instead of being reasonable and asking for directions. What made America great is that we took the best from every country and made it our own until we were the greatest superpower the world ever knew. Now we are so sure we are the best we scoff at what other countries do better. Its a sick joke that leads us to being #1 at some amazing things... incarceration rate, healthcare costs, obesity, divorce, murder,and more student loan debt than the rest of the world combined.

This could be a political rant but its actually me shaking my finger at you. We are ill informed, conformist, and we are so afraid of being looked at as anything but patriotic we have forgot what America is. Watching these facebook posts daily about the Republicans this, Obama that... we elect these people. They aren't responsible.. we are. We know it too, so we lash out at these people.. like a teenager that doesn't get what he wants for his birthday. Its sad.

Someone said to me during a discussion yesterday that I am probably one of those people that support McDonalds employees making $15 and hour. When it was said I actually did feel embarrassed that I think they should. Then I noticed who was saying it.. and that they probably make about $15 an hour and are ashamed of their station in life. They are the same mindset that are against Mexican immigrants. The issue isn't the immigrants its the people that hire them. They are fulfilling a need. The illegals are the people that hire them not the workers. At what place do you have to be in your life that you are afraid that someone with no social network, college education, work permit, or proficiency in english is going to steal your job. If you are really worried about that you are self conscious about yourself.. not immigrants or fast food workers.

America is a melting pot of immigrants. It is what made us great. I am just sad. How did I become the minority view on common sense?

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Included Within

So I used to write out all my problems and at some point that stopped. Since my life is in order maybe this can help get my thoughts on order....  We shall see.