Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Lucid Dreamin

So I was laying down on the couch. Dead tired, trying to nap. I had been out past 3am and up to work at 8am. I closed my eyes and a something started to happen. A pressure in between my eyes. It felt like I had just taken a dose of DMT.. but no fractals, no colors, and of course no DMT. Prsssure building, pressure building, and the BAM! Gone. I am in my body waste deep in water without a shirt on. There are other people wandering but they don't really appear to have any distiguishable features even though everything is in a pretty intense HD. I am still feeling the pressure. For a moment I wonder if I am dead. So I am moving through the water, down a flooded street it seems. I am hyper focused on how I got here, why I am trippin without drugs, and wondering if this is it or not. While contemplating I disconnect from my body in the hallucination. I turn around and face myself... It is me looking at me, and I think .. wow this is strange. I begin moving with some urgency although it isn't clear why, where , or if I am even in control.

Nextthing I am aware of I am in a wet building, like a warehouse with a leaky roof. A woman that reminded me of alex's GF in the TV show Continuuum (although it certainly wasn't meant to be her) hands me a knife. I am like wtf? Then she pulls out a knife and says it is time for my training. She comes at me with a knife and I grab her arm, deflect it, bring her to the ground with her arm "chicken winged" towards her while she is still holding the knife. I am over her telling her to stop that I don't want this type of training... she has some tears in her eyes, and her face is dirty. There was blood but not from our altercatiion.

Then my phone rings is real life. I snap back into reality.

It had to be a lucid dream. DMT isn't much of a flashback drug and I haven't used any since the trip where I was suddenly a black guy, with a retail badge named Jefferey. More on that in my next blog. I have been trying to figure out how to put that into words effectively.

This is the 3rd but most memorable lucid dream I have had since the Wife left. I am not sure if it is lack of restful sleep, DMT, stress, or what.. but it only happens during naps and it starts with the pressure in between my eyes and then PoP! Gone.. kind of like breaking through on DMT.

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