Monday, March 28, 2016

You are not your thoughts.

The more you learn to meditate, the deeper you get, you realize that thoughts seem to be completely independent of us as some conscious observer. This is a pretty interesting thing. I have gone through most life, as I am sure a majority of people have, thinking our thoughts came from within. That the part of what makes us "I" somehow work to bring these things up out of nothingness for us to deal with. The first amazing part is that thoughts seem to come from absolutely nothing to begin with. They aren't there, and then they are. If you are conscious you cannot actually stop thoughts from coming. The second part, which I think is important to share, is that we have these thoughts, but as we observe them we do not have to do anything with them. If they are negative, or even positive and you don’t want to, you can just let them keep flying by. The second you give them an interest, these thoughts become part of you, they get attached to an emotion, they get encoded into our memory, they do become us. So why hold onto the ones that spawn more negativity? I would love to understand why we aren’t more concerned with these ways of making our lives, and this world, a better place. So I leave this so maybe you can figure out what it took me so long to figure out. Your thoughts are not you until you connect them to you. Before that they are possibilities. Why grasp onto the bad ones? Learning how to observe your thoughts, as opposed to letting them control you, is a path. Hopefully the right one.

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